Unfortunately, Millions Of Men Have A Hard Time Maintaining An Erection Sufficient Enough
Or Long Enough For Lasting Intimacy… Which Is A Common Problem.
Our Coffee-Tea Erector® will provide you with…
  • Harder, Bigger, Stronger & Faster Erections
  • Increase in libido or sex drive
  • Prolongs the time of sexual intercourse
  • The effect will last 24 to 72 hours
  • All natural, safe and very effective
  • Help prevent premature ejaculation

Over 75% Of Our Clients DO NOT Have An Erectile Dysfunction Problem

Our clients use our product because it provides them with a harder, stronger and firmer erection, while greatly enhancing their sexual performance to please and satisfy their partner.

NOTE: Coffee bag display is for illustrative purposes only. You will receive a plain 17g aluminum foil sachet. Each sachet makes one cup of coffee.

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This is a Top-Shelf – World-class Product at an Affordable Price
For Distinguished Gentlemen with deep desire to satisfy their partners.


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Trusted By Thousands of Customers

Customer Testimonials

Thousands Of Satisfied Customers

The Coffee -Tea Erector is truly magical! OMG! My girlfriend is so happy and so am I. We also love the business. So far we are earning an extra $575.00 a month and we haven’t been doing it very long
Bobby and Kim P. – New York

I bought the Coffee-Tea Erector because a girl friend told me how great it was and that she and her husband’s sex life had improved dramatically. I bought it for my husband, skeptically, he tried it, and now our sex life is amazing!
Michele J. – Minneapolis MN

What a great product! Bye-Bye Viagra. Getting ready to order again. Thank you for this wonderful product. My wife and I have sex more often and it is even more wonderful.
JoAnn & Frank C. – City & State withheld.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Coffee-Tea Erector®
It is coffee & tea blended together with herbal supplements and other natural ingredients specially designed to maximize your erection potential, to help you to become harder, stronger, and to last even longer during intercourse, as well as enhance your sexual stamina/energy.
What are the ingredients in the coffee Erector?
The ingredients are instant coffee, non-dairy cream, sugar, rhizoma; polygonati; fructus lyeii, radix rehmanniae preparata; cortex cinnamomi cassiae; semen cuscutae; No synthesize ingredients.
Will I automatically get an erection just by drinking Coffee-Tea Erector®?
It’s very possible, and it does happen, however, sexual stimulation (arousing a person through touch and/or excitement) is required for the Coffee-Tea Erector® to work.
How do I use the Coffee-Tea Erector®
Take it like normal coffee.Pour one sachet into a cup of warm water, stir it till completely dissolved and enjoy it. Take 30 to 45 minutes prior to sexual activity or first thing in the morning. Works best if taken on an empty stomach. Individual results may vary.
How Long Will The Effect Last?
The Coffee-Tea Erector® should be taken no less than 30 to 45 minutes prior to sexual activity. The affects will last from 24 up to 72 hours!
What benefits do I get from the Coffee-Tea Erector®?
Your erection will be stronger, harder and last even longer during intercourse. You will become a “pleaser” not a teaser!
Does the Coffee-Tea Erector® have any side effects?
Drugs like Viagra or Cialis can have unwanted dangerous side effects. The Coffee-Tea Erector® does not have any side-effects.
Does the Coffee-Tea Erector® work if I consume alcohol?
Yes! However, since alcohol acts as a depressant, it may lessen the expected results. Although, our clients that consumed alcohol, reported no problems with achieving a stronger, firmer and harder erection. Individual results may vary.

About Us…

Our upscale business caters to high end clients. We are not a run-of-mill company. We take great pride in our service and our high quality product. All of our clients have been 100% satisfied with our service and our product. Which is why most of our clients are Premium Members.

Additionally, our clients’ privacy is very important to them, therefore making it ten times more important to us. We protect the privacy of our client 100%! We are a company that is growing tremendously due to the quality of our product and the great results that our clients receive from our product. Become A Premium Member…You’ll be Glad You Did!

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